Depending on the project, students will not have access to the judging room prior to judging.  If adult help is needed, volunteers will be availalbe to assist students in carrying in equipment to the judging area.

Parents are not allowed to assist students in setting up their projects. If the student needs additional set up time (I.E. Robotics or device modification), please notify the hallway manager upon arrival.

ONLY students, judges, and staff are allowed in the judging areas.

Plan to arrive at least one hour prior to your judging time slot.

Setup will not begin until after 7:30  on the day of judging. Projects with judge times after 10:00 will not have access to the assigned judging room until shortly prior to judging.

Tables and one electrical outlet will be provided by the host. All equipment needed, such as computers, monitors, cables, multi-outlet power strips, etc. must be provided by the participants. No projection devices may be used. All software used in the project must be pre-loaded on the computers.

Students and schools are responsible for the safety and security of their equipment and software, not the fair host.  Anyone engaging in actions that could be harmful to another participant’s project will be disqualified.

Participants MUST provide computers for projects.

Note: No tri-boards or large displays are allowed.